Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mini Golf Anyone?

Task of said game is to try NOT to get the ball in the hole..isn't it? Well, if it is not then I would say all the kids at the mini golf place just got it all WRONG! They even went as far as using the golf putt as a cricket bat and almost eyeballing the next kid in line ...or worse, knackering an unsuspected bystander. I opt to wear my stack hat next time I go there because I was very afraid I would be knocked out cold by the stray balls being belted about.
It was fun though and the boys really did dig it!!
The school break has been a fun time and yet..I cannot wait until they go back..I want my Thursday to my self back again..thankyou..rock on Thursday next week


Jay said...

Thats funny. We used to make up all kinds of rules when playing mini golf. Like the person who hits first got to tell everyone else how to play the hole. "You must hit the wall fourtimes before it can go in." Or, "you have to put one-handed" etc. Always makes it more challenging.

Huggies said...

Did you have to use a nine iron ?

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
I thought kids rules for mini golf were to always keep the ball moving. Endless swiping at the ball is a must, as it thrwoing it at a sibling at some point during the game.

PS: I want to go play mini golf now!

LanternLight said...

Last time I played mini-golf was in Lakes Entrance.

Me thinks it would make for a good drinking game.

Cazzie!!! said...

Heya Jay, yeah, awesome idea, change rules as you play was also brothers knew that well, lol.
Huggies, was just a putting club really,
Rebecca, name the day/morning, it is only 5 bux a kid, 6 bux an adult to play.
Lantern, hell yeah, we used to have a stubbie a hole playing normal golf, last played up Eildon way.

Anonymous said...

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