Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Do you fit the bill????

Intermittent Explosive you have it? I guess alot of us could be termed this at some stage or another..but people are using it to get out of Road Rage incidents nowadays..yes heard it right here. I heard it on the radio...and broadcasters don't lie! So if you click on IED there you will see the term and what it all means.
I guess I do have it as I chucked a great moogley woogley the other day..and 2 minutes later my 3yr old did the same thing..although I had chucked a sponge in the kitchen sink..she had chucked an egg in the sink!!!
Speaking of which, it is time for bed for me..I just checked in on all the kids and they look peaceful as Angels..until they wake me up in the morning !!! Seretonin levels hey...I reckon they are high right now... Goodnight!!!


Steph said...

I think i have that.
I also have hypochondria.
I'm off to the doctor right now.

Rebecca said...

So you think I might have a short fuse? WELL WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH THAT?
Not that there is anything wrong with me at all, I just don't see the F*#)ING NEED TO CRAP ON ALL THE F*#@ING TIME! :-P

Cazzie!!! said...

Steph, hope everything is aok honey. take care
Rebecca, well then...FFS woman..get over it already, hahaha

Rebecca said...

Get over it? Get Over It? GET OVER IT? You say???????????
Well........, ok then. [insert happy singing and skipping through autumn leaves]

Cazzie!!! said...

That's my favourite thing...kicking my legs throught he leaves in the park. I did a picture or two for Treespotter and all the while I was kicking about at the leaves in the Park there and these people looked at me like I was a looney...I could have gone off tap at them in my IED fashion but I continued to be merry on my way with my camera and they continued to dtare...I WAS taking pics of old fashioned Wrought Iron Loo Encasements afterall!!

Dr Evil said...

Your frickin' link didn't work so I threw my mouse at my lcd monitor. What an IED anyway? Is it like an IUD or a DUI?

LanternLight said...

I have a relation who works with IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices), I'll have to ask him what he thinks of the pyscho-quackery IED.

Cazzie!!! said...

Dr Evil, Thanks for that, I have now corrected the fault..ALRIGHT!!! haha
LAntern, yes, quackery indeed..people have to label things these days to escape the TRUTH of their actions. Even on a weekly basis as I read our local newspaper, you see people getting off from what they sure deserve as a gaol sentence..from crimes they commit, on the basis that they were abused as kids, hard done by in life, never drank before this incident,(even though they have been caught drink driving before) all off because they need their license to take their kids to school...driving pissed of course! Using stuff like this as a crutch sucks I have gotta say, end of rant!! LOL

Comic Mummy said...

I just realised I posted you a comment yesterday on this post and it didn't even show up!!!!


*shaking fist*

(It does however, seem poetically fitting)

Mark said...

WTF is a Moogly Woogly????

Cazzie!!! said...

Hi was a term I hijacked from Hillbilly Mom actualy...means "having a spaz attack", "chucking a fit/tantrum" that kinda thing.