Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BB2 Mid Week Mini Meme #1

Schooltime MemeCast your mind back to the early days of your primary school years, and see how you go.
Name of your first teacher: Mrs Jackson
Name of best friend at school
Do you still know them now
: Julie Kennedy, yes we are still best of friends.
Name of first person you had a crush on at school: Jason Warburton.
Favourite lunch at school
Do you still eat it now
: Cheese and Pickle Sandwiches, yes on the odd occasion I like it for lunch still.
First award you got at school: Is putting tape across your mouth for talking too much in class an award? If so then that was my first prize...the next one was when I got the best Jump Rope for Heart award in the school.
Age you first mastered the "monkeybars": 8yrs of age.
Favourite Canteen/Lunch Order "treat": Steamed dim sims with soy sauce.
Favourite schoolyard game: Elastics.

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