Monday, April 24, 2006

To rent one...

Today we began looking at another place to rent, one closer to the rugrats' school. The house we chose to look at was a 4br place...pretty resonable rent too. I got the key, left my liscence and a $50 deposit to get the the house. Got there and as soon as I got out of the car..WOOF..theres a dog next door. It never stopped barking the whole time. I think it was just a bored dog...the owners were out and I guess theres nothing else for the poor thing to do. So, I checked out the place, Andrew and I concured the place was nice enough but..the farkin barkin dog was the whole drawback. No way could I sleep after a night shift with a sound like that. The main bedroom backed onto the fence where the dog is too. So now its off to look for another place I guess.
Other than that, today my girls and I went to the boys' school to mark the rememberance of the Anzacs for tomorrow. Every year they do an assembly, laying of flowers, we took some lovely ones down there, and they sing songs. I was so proud of my pre schooler girls, they know the words to Advance Australia Fair.
Cheers Cazzie!!!


LanternLight said...

So now its off to look for another place I guess.

I've used , and found it was good value.

Huggies said...

It would be a pity if you got pulled over by the cops while driving to inspect a rental property.

Comic Mummy said...

We live opposite the RSPCA actually - but it's amazing how now we're so used to it we don't even notice the barking (unless we have friends over and they point it out!)

Househunting sucks - I don't pity you a bit.

Comic Mummy said...

I meant to say I don't envy you a bit. I pity you much.

Me not use well words morning this.

LanternLight said...

Is that Lantern, or a junkbot?

At times, you might think it's hard to tell the difference :-)

Having looked at over 30 rental properties over three days, that website made a HUGE difference.

Oh, and the NavMan GPS street directory helped as well.