Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turn Back Time...

Well, Cher sang it...who could forget it? What an outfit..well, a leather belt covering bits and a leather jacket...sailors on a ship..a big gun to sit on...hu hummmmm....

Anyhow.... today I got to tour my old High School and stepped into the gymnasium that I had not entered for 20years! The place seemed so big when I was there, now it does not. I have to say, I have not grown so much in height since the age of 16 either. The woodwork room even seemed to be smaller in size...it still had the scent I loved when I created some cool things.
Tom starts High School next year right there, and some of the teachers are still there who taught me. The ones who came to the reunion, some of them were there, but there were others that had not come to the reunion and it was nice to catch up with them.
Lots of changes have been made to programmes and so much to do with the environment, a horticultural area..planting deciduous plants for the Year 7's and there is even a chook penn... they use the eggs in Home Eco and/or sell the eggs to fund the whole programme.
The Government has granted a $2M alotment of moneys towards a Science Centre...used for the Junior High School Students and also up and coming grade 6's from surrounding Primary Schools... I am so pleased to see that. Mainly because my kids love their experiments and Science and number crunching.
Anyway, today has been a happy day and the Sun is shining and what more could you ask for?

Monday, October 26, 2009


I feeel good, in the words of James Brown..thanks for the well wishes everyone... it is horrid being sick eh?
Today is a lovely day and hubby and I are spending it together... hope your day is nice too :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


I have had a weird tummy bug that has made me remember times when I suffered morning sickness... it isslowly passing and so, just to let you all know, I am not MIA :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Night Owl

So, I have been a night owl once again. I worked 3 night shifts in a row. I had last night off and tonight off. Tonight we went fishing down at North Shore in Geelong. It was very peaceful and the night air was quite comfortable, not cold like last week would have been. Yesterday, hubby took the kids to this spot for some fishing. He did that so I could sleep after my night shift. I was woken by a photo message he sent me of Sarah and her "catch of the day". She was over the Moon! Well, what can I say, the apple does not fall far from the tree and I am such a good fisher-woman..haha.

Also, I want to welcome back to blogville my friend Steph "Hi Steph " I was looking at my friend Jule's blog the other night and discovered she is baaack! I am so wrapt!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'scuse Me!

Ok, I am over it....these bloody Spring winds are killing my legs! I will be thinner and fitter by this coming Summer (well for life not just for Summer), but I do hope my legs will not look like an iron man/woman's with muscles to the eye balls! Battling the wind head on while riding a bike is a joke sometimes.
Today my friend and I were pushed backwards UP a hill. So we battled on and rode against it. Some days we just decide we ought to walk it. Today we did the opposite.
Ok, I am not complaining, but I wish it would move somewhere else for a change :)
Nigh-night I am off to bed :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today is a lovely day out there and I don;t plan on wasting it. Weeds are needing to be plucked out of the garden...and I have 5 helpers! Tom has his mate over and so they will all come give me a hand... and then they can have something yummy for lunch :)
I worked yesterday morning, it was a very busy shift. I was down to work today and I called in and said I wouldn't be up to it for today..no worries, that is the beauty of being casual. I was not booked into any particular area as yet so I was not letting anyone down.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend :)

Addit.... I just viewed a brand new advertisement/ announcement on the telly by John Brumby about preparing for bushfires prior to this coming season.
PREPARE ACT SURVIVE is the message..and get out early if there is warning that a fire is near your area. Well, Iwill be sure to have my place ready for my cousins if they need it. The Musk Vale fire this last Summer was very close and made things very hairy for them all. There is still 50,000 tonne of fire feul there per hectare near my cousins. They are not silly, they will leave.

Friday, October 09, 2009

My Heritage..

At present I have the Aboriginal Heritage people looking into my Maternal Grandma's years of growing up. She was placed in an orphanage in the care of the Sister's of Mercy (Catholic) in 1918. This, by all accounts, makes her part of the stolen generation. This surprised me as I did not ever see it that way. With everything in the news, and the public "Sorry Day" that went on, I did not once think of my Grandma as being part of that.
She never ever complained about her up-bringing, how could she? She did not know any other life.
It was a hard life, but she felt fortunate to have had food, water and a bed to sleep in..even if it was freezing cold. Her day began at 4am and went until 8pm when lights went out. I have alot written down, like a diary, from her days living with me and my husband and my baby boys.
Her life was so interesting. But sad too, as she only ever met her Mum briefly in her life. And then she was introduced as a friend of a friend.
Anyway, the Aboriginal Heritage people have been great and I await their news with anticipation.... of family members that I did not know I had, of the heritage that my Grandmother had stolen from her..I want to restore it with my four children.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Red Faces

Me thinks it stinks how people are making such a fuss over Red Faces last night. Red faces is fun...and makes people laugh. Good on those guys who were once at University together and are still mates after 20years...still having fun and making others laugh. How is it we Aussies are banded racist from this? With the amount of new Australians entering the country we have multi culturalism down pat. I should think it makes us the most tolerant country out there! (Well most of us anyway) And just so you all know, I have aboriginal culture in me..so yeah... call me black..or the kettle black..... names do not hurt me and if I don't require a blood transfusion after someone disses me then well, those words are just not important at all!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tonight Tonight...

It is my High School Reunion tonight..and I will be taking lots of photos to share.
It is exciting because we were the first lot of students to attend our High School. We were also the first and last lot to complete our HSC because VCE came in for the year 11's (Form 5's)when we were in Year 12 (Year 6).
The orientation for our High School when we were in Grade 6 at Primary School was, "Here is the paddock where your school will be biult by next January". Ponting to where the gymnasium will be and other buildings. When we began High School in the January of 1983 I remember the assembly was on a small bit of ashphalt and there were alot of portable class rooms dotted around the site where the gymnasium was/is. When Winter came that year it was a quagmire because of the building sites and the dirt... of course the rain made it very muddy.
We were lucky not to have any older students to worry about bullying us. We, the students, did try many times to have lockers installed for our heavily book laden ags. This was knocked back because they-who-were-in-charge said they encouraged "fighting and vermen".
would like to thank those who were in charge right now..because my right shoulder gives me grief everysingle night, and every single time I hang out the washing. Those biology and chemistry books were very heavy, not to mention the maths books..and you had to carry all of the text books around all day in your bag from class to class. It was only in later years that backpacks were found to benefit student's backs and then of course shoulders if placed correclty so.
One thing I want to say is that when we wereinYear 7 we were all so little. When I look at my Tomas who will be year 7 next year, he is so tall! So are his mates.. and I wonder if the kids of today are so big now because of dietary intake..preservatives in chicken and whatever else.. thoughts anyone?
Anyway... I also want to say that we did have some fantastic teaching staff at our High School. You know, sometimes you only have yourself to thank for the things you have retained through education..because if you want to learn you will learn and if you don't then well, you can only blame yourself.
oming from public school education and then going to University it never ceased to amaze me when a posh group of girls would bag the crappola out of Footscray Campus of Victoria University, "Because they were from the Eastern 'burbs and were schooled in Private schools". I had enough one day and said, "Excuse me, then why pray-tell, do you travel all this way over to The West and attend this University? Not good enough marks to attend an Eastern 'burbs University girls?" Thank God I haven't had to work with these girls, that is if they passed the Degree of Health Sciences in Nursing! I think they would not be much chop as nurses.
Anyway, stay posted as I will show pics from the reunion.. I'm excited :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Being a Nurse Means...

You will always be busy,
Every day brings something new,
You will step into people's lives...
and make a difference..
Maybe just for that time,
Hopefully longer than that!

Some will bless you,
Some will definitely curse you,
You may see life begin,
You WILL see life end,
You will feel privileged to be there for either.

This means, you will see the best in some people,
And also the worst come out in some people.
You will experience amazing triumphs,
And learn inner secrets of wonderful people.
Everyone has an amazing story..
If you just take the time to listen.

You will never cease to be amazed by the things you see.
You will laugh a lot,
And you will cry a lot.
You will know that in the end...
No amount of money can buy you the passage to Heaven..
But a good heart and humane practice just might!

And upon spell check I got "No misspellings found" HUZZAH!!